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Zodiac Flowers, Zodiac Signs, Zodiac, Zodiac Symbols

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 23 Jul, 2011 HEALTH  SPIRITUALITY  

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Every zodiac sign has an individual trait of their own. All of them have different colors and gemstones associated with them. Even flowers are not lagging behind. All the zodiac signs have different zodiac flowers whose color and nature are quite in keeping with your nature.
If you are born in between 21st of March and 19th of April then your zodiac sign is Aries. Honeysuckle, bryonny, thistle, tiger lily, hops, geranium, peppermints, and impatiens are some of the flowers are good for you. Onions, thorn bearing trees and firs will also be useful for you. People born between April 20th and May 20th are regarded as Taurus. Some of the flowers with which you will find an affinity are rose, violet, primula, columbine, berries, mallow, sundew, daisy, foxgloves, poppy. Some trees and fruits which will be of immense help to you are cypress, fig, citrus palms, crab apple, pear and vine.

If you are born in between 21st May and 20th June then you are a Gemini. The flora and fauna with which Geminis are associated with lily of the valley, crysanthaemun, lilac, lavender, orchid, hazel, maidenhair fern, nut bearing trees, myrtel and azaeia.

Lily, water lily, lotus, Southern Magnolia, bear`s breeches, morning glory, gerania, verbena, cow parsley are the flora and fauna with which the people with zodiac sign Cancer can associate themselves. Usually white flowers are good for them.

Sunflower, rosemary, aster, dahlia, palm bay, laurel, walnut, olive trees are quite common with the people having zodiac sign Leo. For those who are Virgo, crysanthaemun, narcissus, aster, cherries and nut bearing trees that are not edible are good. Try to wear clothes of bright colors particularly blue and red.

If you sun sign is Libra then remember large roses will be apt for you.Aster, mint, daisy, any blue colored flower in addition to Taurean flowers and Taurean trees, plum, ash and poplar are also your zodiac flowers.

If your sun sign is Scorpio then you can decorate your house with rhododendron, scarlet monkey flower, gerenia, honeysuckle, different types of cactus, yew, blackthorns and bushy trees. These flowers and trees suit your personality.

Pinks and carnetions are typical of people having Sagittarius as their sun signs. You can also opt for dandelion, clametis, blackberry, thistle, moss, mulberry, oak, ash, chestnut, lime and birch.

Ivy, pansey, camelia, magnolia, pine goes with the personality of those with zodiac sign Capricorn whereas orchid, golden rod , olive, alder are the zodiac flowers of Aquarius. If you zodiac sign is Pisces then try to have some water lily, moss, orchid, willow or poppy in your room.

These zodiac flowers are sure to bring luck and fortune for you.

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