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Virgo, Qualities of Virgo, Famous Virgo Personalities

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 23 Jul, 2011 HEALTH  SPIRITUALITY  

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Virgo is the sixth of the western zodiac signs ruled by the planet Mercury and is symbolized by the virgin. Virgo is an earth sign along with Capricorn and Taurus and possesses attributes which are in harmony with its element. Shy, modest, reliable and intelligent are some of the qualities of Virgo which are quite apparent in their mannerism and behavior. Virgos have a nervous energy which yearns to come to the forefront but their inherent shy nature always comes in the way. It is easy to identify a Virgo among a group of people. For one they are not too loud and noisy and prefer to sit give a lending ear than being a chatter box. A Virgo is a loner and enjoy his own company the best even if others might thins they are sad and lone. Some Virgos will rather stay lonely for the rest of their lives than be with a person who is not intellectually stimulating.

The famous Virgo personalities include Sean Connery, Elvis Costello, Richard Attenborough, Mother Teresa, Yasser Arafat, Frances Kettering, Michael Jackson, Ingrid Bergman, Arthur Godfrey, Richard Gere, Gloria Estefan, Mary Godwin Shelley, Terry Bradshaw, Richard Wright, Paul Volcker, O. Henry and D.H. Lawrence among others. A Virgo is a quiet performer and is best in backend jobs. They are generally harmless souls and their negative traits bring more harm to themselves than others. It is rather difficult or sometimes impossible for a Virgo to put their minds to rest. They are always thinking and tend to get worried for the simplest of reasons. At the same time Virgos can be more practical than any other signs and their sense of reasoning is quite admirable. Virgos dont understand and cannot tolerate irrationality and irrational people and make every effort to avoid them. Most Virgos have an obsession with cleanliness and order and wont rest in peace until they have finished their work for the day. Sometimes a Virgo feels trapped in her own self created world because there is a part of her that wants to relax and let her hair down. No matter how hard she tries to be carefree like her friends, she will inevitably get back to her typical, Virgo traits sooner than later. You will hardly find a Virgo partying or socializing. It is not because she does not want to but rather she has no idea about how to put on a fake smile or join in small talks which dont make sense. Virgos have a creative mind and are particular about the smallest details in everything they do. For a Virgo, being careless and insensitive are traits that are alien to her and finds is rather absurd when other behave in less than a perfect way.

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