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Are you a positive or a negative employee?

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 20 Jul, 2011 CAREER  WORKING WOMEN  

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As a woman, you already have to contend with the powerful male workforce and the proverbial glass ceiling. If you have a positive and bright attitude, consider half your battle won. It is a fact that employees with positive attitudes are definitely more productive and prove to be an asset to the company in the long run. Those with negative attitudes are not just poor performers and procrastinators but they also cost more to the company.

With these toxic people around, the morale of the other employees can get affected as their negative talk is enough to turn one off.

To be negative..

..is to contribute in a major way to completely destroy the morale of the company, turn off clients/customers totally, never to take the initiative in any project, never to be proactive, procrastinate as much as possible and suffer from a horrible attitude where you work only to bide time or just for the money.

.. is to whine and complain about everything and to always notice only the bad aspects. By doing so, you will only miss out on the good things that others are enjoying - so preoccupied are you with the whining. In fact those with the positive attitude come in for sharp criticism from these spoilsports. Sounds pretty toxic doesn`t it?

To be positive..

.. is to automatically put in hard work and derive satisfaction that you have given your best, work wholeheartedly for the company, put the company`s interests in the forefront and in general have a proactive, positive attitude.

As a well known author once said "Work hard, not solely because it will bring you rewards and promotions, but because it will give you a sense of being a competent person. Something corrosive happens to the souls of people who stop caring about the quality of their work.. and begin to go through the motions."

..is to absolutely enjoy your work. There may be setbacks in any job but remember that there is always scope for improvement and it is this thought that should inspire you to greater heights. In fact, it is better to give up your job if you are not going to enjoy it no matter what.

.. is to always see the positive side of any situation. Of course, there may be things going wrong too, but it is important to remain motivated and try and improve the situation.

.. is to deliver more than you promised. Positive employees always work harder and deliver more than what is their actual due. They always end up over delivering, much to the delight of their employers. Positive employees are much sought after by clients who feel they get far better service from such people. These people are always going out of their way to lend a helping hand to colleagues. In short, they always deliver far more than they promise.

So, my dear young, fresh graduate who is on the lookout for your first job, you would do well to remember these characteristics of a worker with a positive attitude and go on to adapt these in your work life in order to make an indelible mark on your chosen career.

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