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Submited by- Team Sitagita on 17 Jul, 2011 CAREER  WORKING WOMEN  

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This is an effective method for selling new or additional products and services to existing customers. Though it is not an entire sales strategy, it creates a unique selling environment. more>>

Go the MP3 way

All you need is a Pentium, a programme to play your MP3 files, and an MP3 Encoder to convert your CDs into MP3 files. more>>

What is MP3?

Sound files (WAV) are huge and occupy space. In contrast, MP3 condenses the audio and produces sound of near-CD quality in about one-twelfth of the space of a WAV file. more>>

Market research

This is a very high profile career and one of the fastest growing service industries in India today. With the flooding of consumer goods in the market, every manufacturer is looking for an edge over rivals. more>>

Management and institutes offering course

Management is critical to any organisation involving human and financial resources. more>>

Company secretaryship ans institutes offering the course

This is a very lucrative career. Company secretaries are the legal representatives or principal officers of companies. Companies having a paid up capital of Rs.50 lakh or more are statutorily required to have a full time company secretary, who must be a member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. more>>

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