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Make a career in the fashion industry

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 16 Jul, 2011 CAREER  WORKING WOMEN  

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Make a career in the fashion industry

Fashion industry operates within a number of sectors. The sectors broadly include:


This is the most rapidly expanding area with several opportunities for new entrants. It focuses on bulk production and covers the entire range of garments for a variety of consumers and users.

Haute couture

India is poised to emerge as a reputed international design and fashion centre. A few designers have been able to make their presence felt in the international market. There is a constant demand for new and promising designers.


This is a growing market with a substantial annual requirement for trained people. People who export apparel prefer to employ graduates in fashion designing and technology rather than ordinary graduates.

Textile designers

This is an enormous field, with opportunities for candidates from varied disciplines that range from technologists, stylists to sales and marketing. This field also includes the processing and weaving of all fabrics    cotton, silk, wool and synthetics.

Fashion co-ordinators

With an opening in an export house, a fashion co-ordinator needs to ensure that fabrics and trimmings are of the correct shade, quality and design. He or she should also keep track of production schedules and be aware of the status of the buyer`s order. Some of the garments designed may be outlandish and not really acceptable by the public. What matters is the creativity and effort that has gone into making the design a successful one.

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