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Careers - Fashion & Design

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 16 Jul, 2011 CAREER  WORKING WOMEN  

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For a fulfilling career in Fashion designing

To be successful in this highly specialized field, not only should one be extremely creative but also be good at communicating the designs to the artisans and the manufacturers. And this is exactly what fashion design schools teach you when you train under them. So attending a good fashion school should be your first step if you want to make this your career. ...... more >>

Want to be a fashion creator?

It is the dream of many young boys and girls today to get a foothold in the exciting and glamorous world of fashion designing and go on to a successful career as a designer. Not to discount the potential to earn huge sums of money once your career graph hits a high. Fashion designers ... more >>

Basics of Fashion Designing

So it has been your long-time ambition even as a schoolgirl in pigtails to enter the fascinating world of fashion. Your parents however, are looking askance at this and clearly want you to get a `degree` in some other regular discipline... more >>

Fashion Merchandiser

Fashion merchandising is a job that is behind all the glamour of a fashion designer. This is a totally behind the curtain job but is also a very integral and important part of the fashion industry. The merchandiser is like a wizard... more >>

How does one enter the fashion field?

Like any career that is based on creativity and talent, this one too takes plenty of hard work and diligence to be able to be successful. Success rarely happens overnight. Sometimes it may take years of toil and little recognition... more >>

Turn a plain Jane into a glamorous beauty

With increasing awareness of beauty and fitness, many women are opting for beauty as a career option. Those looking for a full-fledge and rewarding career in cosmetology, can take up beauty courses. This field is effectively equipped with both... more >>

Let us take a look at the options available in the Design and Sales field

All these years, design as a concept was thought of only in areas like jewellery design, fashion design or interior design. But these days the design concept is cutting across other segments as well. Design includes graphics... more >>

Are you suited for Couture?

Are you always smartly turned out? Do you look for the latest in fashion trends? Do your friends appreciate your sense of dressing? Then, you could probably seriously consider a fabulous career option in the Retail Sector... more >>

A beautiful career

Beauty plays a major part in today`s world. Beauticians must be amongst the most sought after people nowadays - especially those who excel in their field of work. more >>

Fashion Designing

Do you have a flair for fashion, sense of styling and passion for fabulous designs? more>>


Glamour and glitz are a part of this profession. Modelling is for those people who feel that they have been bestowed with an appearance that conforms to the standard prescribed by the international modelling scenario. more>>

Make a career in the fashion industry

Fashion industry operates within a number of sectors. The sectors broadly include: more>>

Catwalk choreography & Fashion photography

As the fashion industry evolves, it creates more opportunities for specialisation and super-specialisation. more>>

Institutes - design

Wish to learn the fundamentals of designing? Here is a list of institutes to help you. more>>


Design is a relatively new and growing field. Trained designers will have no difficulty in finding jobs in advertising agencies or in any other business venture dealing with goods and services. Design implies any sphere of activity involving aesthetics and creativity. more>>

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