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How to ask for a raise

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 14 Jul, 2011 CAREER  WORKING WOMEN  

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The time has come. You want more money and you want it now. But you wouldn`t be reading this if you thought that asking your boss was going to be easy. Here are a few quick tips to get ready for the big moment.

Since it is sometimes easy to learn from demonstrations of how NOT to do it, here are three examples:

1. "I have another offer with more money". It backfires as often as it works. Remember: You don`t want to take the risk unless you really do have an offer somewhere else. Threats make bosses defensive. Defensive bosses aren`t happy bosses. Unhappy bosses tend not to be generous.

2. "I need it, because I need to buy". This can be a very moving, personal appeal. Think about it, though. Would you like it if a guy said, "I need to make more money because I am the sole support of my family and Missy is pregnant again with our 15th child?" I don`t think so. This is about what you are worth on the market, not how your employer can take care of your needs.

3. Bad Timing. Do yourself a favour and choose the right time to talk money with your boss. Do not walk into her office mid-afternoon when you know she hasn`t had a chance to eat. The right timing means starting the conversation in a calm moment, months before by agreeing on what she will need to see from you to rethink your compensation.

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