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Nine simple steps to managing your household

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 13 Jul, 2011 CAREER  WORKING WOMEN  

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Nine simple steps to managing your household

Many of you who have chosen to stay at home and care for the family have slipped into the mindset of a career housekeeper, errand runner, secretary, chef, hostess, etc., Here`s a plan to get those household chores "under control".

1. The Priorities List

It is important that you must learn to differentiate - even quite early in life - the jobs that are unnecessary from those that are absolutely essential. Does dust settle in your drawing room quite frequently? How many clothes need to be washed today? Try to alternate between the urgencies of your requirements. If you have kids, then it is important to prioritise your kids` time too.

2. An Appointment - the short-term goal

Working towards short-term and long-term goals increases your sense of accomplishment. For example, fix a time to go shopping, to the post office or to meet a dentist. Draw a list in your mind where you should be going today and how much time you would be willing to spend there. Treat yourself to light snacks if you are within the time limit.

3. Schedule

Keep a schedule for household activities, this reduces mental fatigue and tension. But be flexible always; some unexpected chore may require your presence.

4. Plan the night before for the following day

Have your children get their clothes and backpacks ready for school. Make a to-do list for the morrow.

5. Making flexibility work

You may be prompt in cleaning your dining table but leave over a sink full of greasy dishes. It is always easier to get things done when they happen rather than waiting for the elusive "free time".

6. Learn to do two chores at a time

Learn to clean up the table after breakfast and don`t forget the sink. Clean the drawers and window-panes while vacuuming a room. These are a few chores that can be combined, identify more of these.

7. Delegate responsibilities to your kids and husband

Do you think you are showering affection on your kids by keeping them away from housework? Think again. Give responsibilities, or ask your kid to choose, chores that are appropriate to their age. Rotate chores periodically. Involving your husband sets a good example in the household; and makes you feel less like a maid.

8. Forgot to wash something?

Give each person in the family a separate basket to put dirty clothes. This means that you don`t have to look behind doors, windows for dirty trousers and shirts. You will find that this a sure fire way to get things done.

9. Plan your meals

Plan a weekly menu and shop for all of the ingredients at once. This is perhaps one of the most irritating "habit" even for your maid, this also absolves you of hurried last minute sallies to the grocery.

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