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Managing me and my world

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 13 Jul, 2011 CAREER  WORKING WOMEN  

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Managing me and my world

Eight things I must learn to do everyday to be a better person...

  1. Self-awareness is the key. If I am sure of my feelings, then I am sure about my personal decisions. To achieve this I need to recognise my feelings and express them in words. I need to always understand the relationship between thoughts, feelings and reactions. I need to examine my actions and know their consequences and understand if it is thought or feeling that rules a decision. Any important issue would benefit from these insights.

  2. I should manage my emotions well enough to be able to soothe myself at times of distress. I should be able to bounce back from setbacks, no matter how complex they are. I should understand what is behind a feeling    maybe I am hurt and that is why I am angry. And then I find ways to handle emotions such as fear, anxiety, anger and sadness.

  3. I need to motivate myself, constantly. Learn to relax. Exercise is a very good toner of the mind and body.

  4. I should learn to be more understanding of people around me. To achieve this, I need to appreciate the fact that people react to different things differently. Understanding the other person`s concerns and needs can make me feel better about myself and the world outside as well.

  5. Handling relationships involves managing emotions in others. It calls for specific skills and social competence. And like charity, it begins at home. If I can do it at home, I can do it at my work place and I can do it anywhere. To achieve this I need to communicate. Become a good listener and ask questions. I need to be open and build trust in a relationship. And then slowly I will know when to talk about my feelings, even if they are completely opposite to the other person`s views, without hurting them.

  6. I have to learn to accept myself. Self-acceptance will help me take pride in `who` I am, and also give me the ability to laugh at myself.

  7. I need to learn to know when and how to follow. Then I will know, when and how to lead.

  8. And in managing conflicts, I must fight fair, negotiate and compromise. Life is short. And I should be able to savour it!

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