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Managing a career and home

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 13 Jul, 2011 CAREER  WORKING WOMEN  

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7:37 AM and I am still not done with my kitchen-act. The school bus is honking away and I stuff a sandwich into my son`s lunch box, thinking that someday he will be an Einstein, an Abdul Kalam or at least an Andre Agassi.

I watch him forget all about me the very instant he steps into the bus.

The bus spews its usual black cloud in farewell and my loving "taa-taa" is echoed only by my annoyingly, chirpy neighbour. I just hope that she does not strike a conversation. Oh-Oh! When have my hopes ever come true!! After what seemed to be an eternity, I rush home to find that the clock is still at 7:37. What??? Oh! NOOO! The clock has stopped.

No time to fix Time.

Why cant he do it? At least this!! What is the time anyway? And where is my watch? Where on earth did I put it? I think it is on the dressing table. No.. it isn`t.. maybe it is on the refrigerator top? Not there too. Oh! GOD!! Where did I leave it? It was a gift from my husband, on a Valentine`s day, six years ago. How could I possibly lose it?

Valentine`s day! My own Mr. Right! The one I met at office, one rainy day.

He came dripping all the way to my table, spoiling the carpet right from the front door. With a dazzling smile he apologised for being late. I was still looking at the puddle he created..

The one-off meetings slowly graduated to phone calls and eat-outs. What a well-behaved and smart guy he was - those days! He could talk about a whole lot of things - his job, his interests. And he actually took the trouble to ask me about mine. He talked about shares, banking and all those things that did not interest me - things I knew nothing about. I admired his passion for his work - his love for cricket and his noble desire to support five orphaned children. Oh yes, I was in love.

He is the same even today, yes except that we have very little time to talk. I have my career and I also have to run the workings of my home. And that is normally my order of priority. But whenever I read articles glorifying womanhood, I end up feeling that my priorities might be wrong.

He is busy watching India Vs Pakistan. Eleven fools from two sides getting together quite often it seems these days, to entertain 11 billion people across the two countries. My treasure hunt for my watch was still on at a frenetic pace, when I heard "Coffee!" at a great pitch, yelled across the 200 sq. feet of space separating us. It was his fourth from the morning and he has not moved out of that divan. I feel like drowning him in a bucket of coffee!

My phone rings and it is my publisher, asking for a re-write on the script. It has to be completed by 11 a.m. "OK. Ok done. By the way, what is the time now?" "9:30" and I almost drop the phone in shock! I am supposed to be at my desk by 10:00 and what am I doing here still? What is he doing here still, for that matter?

"Are you not going to work today?"

" No.."

"Why? What happened?"

"I want to unwind. Why don`t you also bunk office, today?" How I wish I could!

"No way! I can`t. There is plenty of work."

"Just one day. That is all! Is that too much to ask for? Just one day, you cannot spare for me? Work! Work! Work all the time! What is the point of working, if you can`t spend some time with your family??"

"Some time? My foot! I am the first to wake up every morning and the last to go to bed. I have no time for myself."

We then got into one of our many arguments that stretched well into the day. There is a cold silence for a while after that. Our son is back from school. He senses that something is wrong and behaves himself. Suddenly I feel bad for all three of us. What am I doing? Why am I doing this? I am supposed to be happy and keep our family happy. Have I failed in this prime objective? Where have I gone wrong? I sat down and started scribbling on my notepad. Thoughts and no thoughts.. Expressions.. Feelings...

After intense introspection, I realised that it is MY perception of others that has changed. I also found that if I can deal with my emotions, I can manage my career and home, well enough.

And at the end of the day, I found my "Valentine wrist watch", right on my wrist all along!

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