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The first-job hurdles!

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 12 Jul, 2011 CAREER  WORKING WOMEN  

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After all those grilling sessions and competitive academic trails, you have finally landed yourself that dream job. But you somehow find it completely different from what you had expected. Learn a few strategies that will take you through the little hurdles and help you retain the enthusiasm of the dream job.

Learn on the job

Learn the tricks of the trade at your work place. You are new to the corporate world; you’re bound to take time to learn. Take it easy. But make sure you grasp everything that your colleagues and your seniors throw your way.

Moreover, since you’re new, your knowledge is upgraded and you do stand a fair chance of making it big, just give it time.

Keep off `hate-my-job` club

If you thought that everyone in this company loves his job, you were wrong. Every organization has perpetual cribbers who can complain about anything and everything.

Staying away from these elements is the best you can do for yourself. It won’t take much to discourage them, as they find easy targets elsewhere and don’t like wasting time on the non-budge type.

Be a Team-player

Being a team player at work can win you twin benefits. It can make you more efficient as you pool in for other people’s tasks; and it can win you friends, who will appreciate your help and recognize your potential.

Stay Focused

Life is too short to put up with negativity and you have just embarked on your journey to success and fame. Have some fun with life. See the excitement in every situation.

Be enthusiastic about the chance to make a difference with even your smallest actions. Smile at people and get your work done with genuine interest and appreciation of their role in it.

Perform with dedication and sincerity and you will soon see that you will be suitably rewarded.

Your first job is the stepping stone to a rewarding career ahead. Be positive and you will discover that adjusting to a new environment is truly rewarding and satisfying.

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