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Ten interview tips

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 12 Jul, 2011 CAREER  WORKING WOMEN  

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Ten interview tips

  1. Don`t arrive late: Coming late to the interview almost always turns the interviewer off. If you are unavoidably delayed, phone the interviewer and let him or her know you will be late, or better still, ask for another appointment.

  2. Appearance: Wear conservative clothes. Be sure your shoes are polished, your nails are clean, and your hair is combed.

  3. Unrealistic salary demands: Know what you are worth, by studying the going rate for jobs in your skill area. Don`t ask for the moon.

  4. Do a little bit of home work: Before the interview, research as much as you can about the company. Know at least what business they are in and, if possible, find out such things as sales volume, the competitors, share of market, and reputation in that industry.

  5. Stop jabbering: Once you have made your point wait for the response. Too many people talk so much that they lose the attention of the listener. If your new job depends upon your ability to listen, you had better train yourself to listen and not talk.

  6. Talking too little: Don`t let the preceding tip prevent you from mentioning all you need to inform about your background. Answer each question and be sure to give all the information requested.

  7. Overdone charm: Some people get by on charm, but if overdone, it makes you look superficial. Tasteless humour, `clever` remarks, coyness, or coquettish behaviour will tend to have a negative impression rather than a positive one.

  8. Blow your trumpet: Don`t be afraid to blow your own horn. Nobody else is there to do it for you. Talk about your accomplishments and what it meant to your employers. Tell about awards won, praise received and ideas that paid off.

  9. Don`t over- extend your interview: Take the cue from your interviewer and leave when the interview appears to be over. Don`t try and give that extra bit of information.

  10. Follow up: After the interview, write a thank-you note to the person or persons who have interviewed you. If you do not hear from the company with a week, phone them. But don`t make a pest of yourself.

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