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A new job

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 12 Jul, 2011 CAREER  WORKING WOMEN  

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Do the first 10 minutes count?

Going for a job interview? Do the first ten minutes really count, when it comes to getting hired? The person interviewing you can often decide within the first ten minutes, whether he is hiring you or not! So, isn`t it important to give your best in the first ten minutes? Wondering how you can give.... more >>

Common Resume mistakes

Picture yourself enjoying the first week of your new exciting job, meeting your new colleagues and collecting a pay cheque at the end of your first month.You can finally brag to your friends about your new terrific job, pay of some bills... more >>

The first-job hurdles!

After all those grilling sessions and competitive academic trails, you have finally landed yourself that dream job. But you somehow find it completely different from what you had expected... more >>

Crafting the right resume appearance

Your resume has your career history, your education, your commitment to your employers, your dreams, all ascribed on a sheet of white paper titled, at the top, with your name. To be effective, a resume must adhere to one rule... more >>

Top 10 most frequently asked interview questions

If you`ve attended a lot of job interviews, you`ll realise that most interviewers ask the same questions and expect exactly the same answers! more>>

Are you job-hopping?

The trend nowadays is to always move from job to job, from one company to another. Although, good career changes are essential for an effective professional life... more>>

Practice interview questions

Think of it this way - Job interviewing is almost like going on a blind date. You arrive at the agreed-upon location, on time, neatly dressed, determined to make a good impression and ready to answer a ton of questions. more>>

Ten interview tips

Here are some tips on what you can do when you have to go for the Interview. more>>

What not to wear

The old rule of what to wear for a job interview - a navy or grey suit, white shirt - no longer applies. The only rules that remain are those of what not to wear, no matter what kind of job you`re being interviewed for. more>>

Most often asked questions

Job interviews are stressful, because being judged is an anxiety-ridden experience. If you are prepared for tough questions, the stress caused by the interview will be more manageable. Interviewers want to see how you handle yourself in ambiguous situations... more >>

Smart strategies for great jobs

The ad from the classifieds section has caught your eye. You want to apply for it. But there are probably hundreds like you who feel the same way. more>>

Before going for that interview check the interviewer.

Amidst all the dos and don`ts that one is bombarded with, there is one little detail that often gets overlooked - the importance of employer research before appearing for an interview. more>>

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