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Mahila sangeet shayari

megha433  Join Date:11 December 2012 | Delhi | India
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10 Sep 2013 12:33 PM
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Ladies Sangeet night is the most magical part of a marriage and I am eagerly looking forward to it on my cousin’s wedding but I am also dreading it because I don’t have any ideas of how and what to say, recite or sing that night…can anyone help me with mahila sangeet sharari?


Re: Mahila sangeet shayari

neha513  Join Date:07 December 2012 | Delhi | India
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10 Sep 2013 12:33 PM
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I understand the ladies sangeet or mahila sangeet is the soul of any wedding and is very often remembered as the most memorable night of the wedding. Mostly what is used on this occasion is not shayari but geet, boliyan and love, engagement or wedding songs. These are often of a rather naughty and raunchy type and make the atmosphere very festive and feisty. All the same if you are keen on shayari then here is some:Mubarak ho apko ek nai JindgiKhushiyon Se Bhari Rahe Ye Nai Jindgi
Gam Ka Saya Kabhi Aap Par Na AayeHamesha Aap Dono Khulkar Muskurayen
Har Mushkil Me Sath Ek Dusre Ka PayeHaste-Haste Jindgi Saware
Duaon Me Yaad Rakhte Hai Hum HardamKhush Rehna Hamesha Bus Yahi Chahte Hai Hum
You can try the link below as it provides wedding shayari: 

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