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Is eating Multani mitti harmful

deepika755  Join Date:11 December 2012 | Gurgaon | India
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16 May 2013 03:59 PM
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I have a weird craving for Multani Mitti or Fuller’s earth. As a child, I would eat mud and this has transformed into a craving for multani mitti. Even though I haven’t faced any health issues due to this habit, I wonder if eating multani mitti is harmful. Can you please tell me if this is a dangerous habit? Can I get some disease because of this habit? All my friends and my family stop me from eating multani mitti and tell me that it will harm my digestive system. Is this true? I would really appreciate it if you could share some details on the same. If it is harmful, how can I stop this habit? Please share some remedial measures for this habit too. I am worried sick and would really appreciate some help.


Re: Is eating Multani mitti harmful

pallavi992  Join Date:22 November 2012 | Faridabad | India
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12 Aug 2013 10:59 AM
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Yes of course. It may directly or indirectly inducing the process of stone formation. The habit of eating clay, mud or dirt is known as geophagy which should be avoided!!
The craving for such mud based items is called pica (disorder). Iron deficiency anemia should be ruled out in such case. Do get your hemoglobin investigated at the earliest and start earing a nutritional diet 
Consult and doctor and opt for some good calcium supplement.


Re: Is eating Multani mitti harmful

jaya  Join Date:29 November 2012 | United Arab Emirates
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29 Sep 2013 09:39 PM
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Well said Pallavi

Re: Is eating Multani mitti harmful

Lee23  Join Date:14 August 2013 | Qatar
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30 Sep 2013 09:47 PM
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You can eat ash which you will get it in hindu temples when you gt thought to eat multhani mitti. Its calsium and no harm ful. But don`t take it as ur Bfast, lunch or dinner.


Re: Is eating Multani mitti harmful

rose10901  Join Date:01 April 2014 | Mumbai | India
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01 Apr 2014 11:55 AM
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eating clay, dust is not harmful thr are edible clay / dust known as Bentonite Clay which is good for health you can search online or watch vdoz :)
bt do not over eat 

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