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Breakfast Recipes

deepika755  Join Date:11 December 2012 | Gurgaon | India
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24 Apr 2013 04:29 PM
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Hi! I have two school going kids and I want to serve them healthy breakfast. Can you tell me some easy and healthy breakfast recipes?
Well, trying varied breakfast recipes will keep your kids hale and hearty. You can try making simple idli. For this, all you need to do is prepare rice batter with curd. Leave it for a night and then use the batter in idli maker or steamer. Similarly, you can buy or prepare dosa batter and make masala dosa with a filling of boiled potatoes or paneer. Parathas are an excellent option for breakfast, especially because they are tasty, wholesome and packed with energy. To prepare parantha, make dough from whole wheat flour. Prepare the filling. For instance, if you are making aloo parantha, boil potatoes, mash them, mix spices and condiments or if you are making Gobhi parantha, grate cauliflower and add spices. Mix them in flattened dough and cook it on a non stick tawa. Does anyone have any great breakfast recipes to try?

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