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Problems faced by working women

neha753  Join Date:07 December 2012 | Delhi | India
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22 Apr 2013 04:35 PM
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Whether at home or working, women suffer a lot. Every day when I click Yahoo news for some fresh updates, one or the other story to harassment at work is always there. Some obviously cross the line but initially, it begins with harassment. Women often tend to ignore male acts due to two reasons. The first is that even if they complain against eve teasing, the guy may be placed behind the bars but when he returns, he will definitely have the intention to hurt them. 
The second reason that I feel is that sometimes, things go so out of bounds that the local newspapers and the press projects it and it is quite obvious for neighbors to know who is in the limelight. Sanctity of character is something that Indian women have to preserve through their life but I don’t feel it’s going to work this way. Men are literally crossing the line now and we need to raise our voices. I strongly feel offended when some woman is being tortured but there should be some government rules as well. If men fear the punishment, they would stop doing all that. What do you think?

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