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Short Play scripts with morals

neha753  Join Date:07 December 2012 | Delhi | India
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04 Apr 2013 04:27 PM
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I was hoping to get some help on some short play scripts with morals. Please share if anyone has anything in mind.Also suggest some ideas to perform…


Re: Short Play scripts with morals

rashi946  Join Date:11 December 2012 | Gurgaon | India
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04 Apr 2013 04:36 PM
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There are various skits that you can plan but first you need to find out the idea or the line along which you wish to plot the skit. The most common topics these days are women and child education, women empowerment, acts against violence, pollution and good habits. Depending on the target audience that you are planning to focus on, the script can be prepared. As a kid, I have participated in a lot of plays with a different role each time and the meaning was depicted really beautifully every time.
The most important ingredient as I observed at that time was the fun part along with the appeal and the setting. The best way is “NukkadNatak”. Start off just anywhere and gather the crowds with natural acting as if you got into a fight with someone. We have tried that many times and honestly, this is great. I am telling you there is no better way if you really wish to convey a message. I and my team have tried that many times and it really works. 

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