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Friendly Birds and Animal Hindi Nibandh

deepika755  Join Date:11 December 2012 | Gurgaon | India
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02 Apr 2013 06:23 PM
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I have to complete an assignment on friendly birds and animal Hindi nibandh. Can someone please throw some light on what sections to cover?


Re: Friendly Birds and Animal Hindi Nibandh

lucky449  Join Date:11 December 2012 | Gurgaon | India
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02 Apr 2013 06:50 PM
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The very first thing when a child enters into the schooling world is the nature and its components. This is where the introduction of the flora and fauna comes next. Knowing about the nature that nurtures is an essential. As a kid, I had written a large number of essays on plants and animals. Though I cannot be very specific of the details, I can of course help you with the outline of the same.

First of all, I believe you can introduce yourself with the introduction of the importance of plants and animals. There are some of the essentials that need to be mentioned here. The importance can be succeeded with the type of flora and fauna existing in the various regions. Diversity is what creates awareness amongst the students and the best means is to read and write. So, you can include details of the diversity as well. At the end, your contribution to the society is an essential.

This is how I guess you can frame the structure of your essay on friendly birds and animals. I am running out of other ideas now. Can anyone else suggest some other good ideas for the friendly birds and animals?

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