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Images of State wise-costumes of India

akansha451  Join Date:07 December 2012 | Delhi | India
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25 Mar 2013 04:08 PM
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 “Unity in Diversity”-this is how we describe our country. Diversity can be seen in the traditions, culture and custom and dressing styles that are followed in the different parts of our country. Bengalis are known by the white and red border sarees that are used by the women and the Kurta Panjabi worn by men. Malayali set sarees –the traditional white with golden border sarees are famous as the Kerala traditional costumes of Malayali women. The men dress in white skirt like mundus. The Punjabi style is distinctive because of the Pungri used by men and the Patiala salwar kameez used by women. The women in Assam wear the traditional Mekhla. The dressing styles are distinctive and colourful lending uniqueness to each state. Can someone add in a few more states and their traditional dressing styles?


Re: Images of State wise-costumes of India

jaya  Join Date:29 November 2012 | United Arab Emirates
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02 Jul 2013 08:58 PM
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Gujarathi men traditional outfit can be seen in Garba ( Navrathiri dance). And also their women traditional style saree is colourful and cute


Re: Images of State wise-costumes of India

megha433  Join Date:11 December 2012 | Delhi | India
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26 Jul 2013 01:55 PM
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Indias core beauty lies in the diversity of its people, their food, clothes and culture. Each region has its own style of clothing and particular style. As a matter of fact the best way to discover these is to attend various cultural events and festivals that are always taking place in different states or usually in the state capital New Delhi. North Indians mainly use cotton and if you were to go high up in North you would find them using more wool, silk and embroidered cloth. These are typical of hilly areas which tend to be cold. The South too is rather famous for its cotton and silk clothing. Punjab is known for Phulkari and the traditional dress is Salwar Kameez while the South mostly goes with Lehnga choli. The East Indian states usually wear ankle length wrap around skirts and short shirts or tops. They also tie a cloth round their waists.

If you are looking for just the images you can find a host of them on the following link:


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