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Chicken soup Recipes in Hindi

pinky117  Join Date:07 December 2012 | Delhi | India
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21 Mar 2013 04:58 PM
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Chicken soup do tarah se banaya ja sakta hai. Clear chicken soup banana ke liye hume chahiye 100 g boneless chicken, hara pyaaz, lehsun, hara dhaniya, butter(makhan), pisa hua dhaniya aur namak.

Vidhi: Boneless chicken ke tukdo ko pressure cooker mei pyaaz aur lehsun ke saath pakayein. Fir chicken ko chhan lei aur ubla hua pani(chicken stock) alag kar lein. Ek pan ko gas par garam karein aur usme butter dalein. Garam hone par usme kata hua pyaaz fry karein. Ab uble hue chicken ke chhote chhote pieces karke unko bhi pan mei daal dein. Thoda pakne par, chicken stock mila dein. Pis dhaniya aur namak bhi daal dein. 15-20 minute tak dheeni aanch par pakane ke baad isme hara dhaniya daalkarserve karein.

Another method of making chicken soup:

Upar likhi gayi cheezon ke alawa humein chahiye 1 egg, adrak, kali mirch, sirka, corn flour aur chilli sauce.

Vidhi: Adrak-lehsun ka paste bana lein. Pressure cooker mei chicken aur ye paste, kali mirch ke saath daal dein. 15-20 minute tak pakane ke baad chicken mei se saari haddiyon ko nikaal dein. Uble hue chicken ka pani dheemi aanch par rakh kar corn flour gholkar usme daal dein. Thoda gadha hone par, sari samagri usme daal dein. Ab chicken ke chhote chhote piece karke usme daalein. Anda bhi fodkar dal dein. 15-20 minute tak pakayein.

Any other recipes you know off?


Re: Chicken soup Recipes in Hindi

m.k  Join Date:03 October 2013 | Thane | India
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03 Oct 2013 09:46 PM
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Dear, Apne is dish me Kaun sa ingredient kitna daal na hai ye nahi mention m pretty confuse while going through it

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