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Poem on Birds in Marathi

surabhi582  Join Date:07 December 2012 | Delhi | India
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14 Mar 2013 07:07 PM
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Poems on nature and birds have been one of my favorites and I have been reading a lot of such stuff but that is almost always in Hindi and English. One of my friends recently posted these lines in his posts on Facebook and these are related to Birds. Though I don’t understand Marathi, yet I can somewhat understand what these words mean.

“Khopa Inla Inla Jasa Gilkyacha Kosa

Pakhrachi Karagiri Jara Dekh Re Mansa

Tichi Ulusheech Choch Tech Daat, Tech Oth

Tula Dile Re Dewaan Don Haat, Daha Bote”

I am really intrigued with the likes and shares on this post. I would appreciate if someone could explain me the true meaning of this verse…

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