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How to use calamansi on face

neha513  Join Date:07 December 2012 | Delhi | India
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01 Mar 2013 01:01 PM
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How can I use calamansi on my face to make my skin a shade fairer?


Re: How to use calamansi on face

pinky117  Join Date:07 December 2012 | Delhi | India
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01 Mar 2013 01:04 PM
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 We would advise you to take this citrus fruit, Calamansi and blend it for a minute or two. Ensure that the end result is similar to a puree. Take the pulp out and place it on a face towel. Drain out the juice and apply the calamansi to the face. You shall notice that within 5 days from application your skin will start to glow. Calamansi is a perfect bleaching agent. Have you guys tried this out?


Re: How to use calamansi on face

Simmi692  Join Date:26 February 2013 | Jaipur | India
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01 Mar 2013 02:09 PM
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 You can use as bleeching agent, on you face it is for whitening you face and it gives very charm face. 

Re: How to use calamansi on face

sunita1211  Join Date:14 March 2013 | India
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16 Jul 2013 03:40 PM
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what is calamnsi and i havent tried it please be more informative about this


Re: How to use calamansi on face

pallavi992  Join Date:22 November 2012 | Faridabad | India
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26 Jul 2013 05:30 PM
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Calamansi is the name of a fruit that is mainly found in Philippines and Indonesia. It looks like a dark green lemon from outside when it is raw, in the middle stage is looks golden yellow and on ripening it turns into a dark orange hue and is also called the golden lime or panama orange. It has many qualities and is good for hair, skin and bleach. As for using it on your face the best way would be to squeeze its juice onto some cosmetic pads and apply them on your face as and when required. I wonder if you know that it can be used for lightening dark eye circles and is also good as a deodorant. It clearly has whitening or bleaching effect on the skin and is known to improve the complexion. Another way you could use it is with a spoon of honey. The honey turns it into a manageable smooth paste which is easy to apply on the face. You can learn more about it on the following link: http://kikaymorena.blogspot.in/2011/02/calamansi-is-my-everything.html

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