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Common Vastu Shastra Remedies

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28 Feb 2013 03:30 PM
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Naked Walls:

Place a picture or a statue of Ganesha on the naked walls of your residence, especially the ones you see when just entering the house. Remember, bare walls signify loneliness and a good way to cover them up is with the image of Lord Ganesha.

Low Energy Levels:

The energy circles of a residence or office can be improved by making use of Swastika Yantra. But bear in mind, this method requires caution and should be done only with expert supervision.

River Or drainage system close to the building:

If you have a river or a drain close to the house or office which is flowing in an anti-clockwise manner in a direction apart from north-east, it is best to place a west-facing figure of dancing Ganesha on the north-eastern corner of your house or office.

Wrongly Constructed Toilets :

Always construct a toilet in the north-western or western direction.Remember, a toilet constructed at the eastern corner can lead to diseases.

Wrongly Designed Beds:

If you have health problems, make sure you sleep on a bed with four legs. Beds with boxes tend to stop air circulation in turn causing bad health.

Incorrect Borings:

If the boring of a house is placed in an incorrect direction, it is advisable to keep a picture of ‘Panchmukhi Hanumanji’, looking South-West to the boring.

Inauspicious Images:

According to vastu shastra remedies it’s inauspicious to hang posters depicting war scenes, crying women, sexy scenes, anger, eagles or owls. It’s best to replace such pictures immediately.

Kitchen Items:

Place heavy items such as grinders, shelf, fridge, and the like, towards the west and the southern wall of the kitchen.


According to vastu for windows and doors, if the doors in your house open outwards, change them straight away by those which open inwards.


Vastu for house disapproves of keeping or planting Cactus in the house.

Vastu shastra remedies are a cure to the disharmony caused due to unorganized architectural methods and impulsive planning. If you’re well qualified and experienced but still not being able to get a good job or run a business successfully, then its best to consult a vastu specialist. Bad love life, strained relationships, financial difficulties are all indicative of a problematic surrounding.

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