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New Hindi Slogans On Female Foeticide

neha753  Join Date:07 December 2012 | Delhi | India
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25 Feb 2013 06:28 PM
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Female foeticide is a prevalent practice in India and is a social evil. Owing to this practice skewed ratio has emerged as a massive problem in the country and tackling this problem has become herculean task. All India is in rage following the Save The Girl Child Campaign.

Lot of poems, slogans, dramas, etc. are being written constantly in support of the cause to prevent female foeticide. Given below is a famous slogan in Hindi condemning Female Foeticide-

  • ek cheekh raat ko cheer ke maa ke hirdaye tak aayi...aur ek nanhi si awaaz sun ke maa toh bahut roi.....maa mujhe mat maro, mat maro nahi si jaan ko....janam se pehele hi mat maro iss anjaan ko

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Re: New Hindi Slogans On Female Foeticide

megha433  Join Date:11 December 2012 | Delhi | India
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26 Jul 2013 02:10 PM
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There are a number of slogans out there on female feticide as more and more people wake up to this menace eating at the very core of our society. But, if you are on the lookout for some new wordings, then here are some that I have created on my own. Hope you will like them and use them.

My mom is worried because I am inside her and I am a GIRL. Ma and Pa sealed their love together and I was conceived I hope they will carry it on in the same manner so I can Live. My eyes are beginning to grow and I pray I will be allowed to SEE. My father forced my mother to kill and now I lie in a dustbin . I want to live Grandma do give me a chance. Girls are Love dont let Love Die. What kind of heart makes it possible for you to kill a child before it is born? With what heart and soul do you kill your own child?

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