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How to cut and sew fish cut lehenga

neha753  Join Date:07 December 2012 | Delhi | India
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20 Feb 2013 03:49 PM
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Lehenga is a very popular bridal dress in India. Most brides in India prefer to wear colorful, well-stitched lehenga on their big day. Lehengas are sewn in different ways and designs are different in different parts of the country. Fish cut lehenga is hugely popular design of lehenga with many girls opting to wear lehenga of this design for their marriage. It is not very tough to cut and sew fish cut lehenga. You can do this at home if you have good machine and you know the basics of stitching. Have you cut and sewn such lehenga, share your tips?

Re: How to cut and sew fish cut lehenga

smondkar  Join Date:15 June 2013
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15 Jun 2013 05:49 PM
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Re: How to cut and sew fish cut lehenga

Juhee  Join Date:28 November 2012 | Dehra Dun | India
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09 Jul 2013 07:40 AM
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Fish cut lehengas are in trend today. Most brides are wearing fish cut lehengas for their wedding these days. These lehengas look stunning when embellished with stones and sequins and paired with a beautiful choli and dupatta. Stitching a fish cut lehengas is tricky and you can achieve the perfect fit of a fish cut lehengas if you keep a few tips in mind. You can refer to these links to understand some tricks and tips of cutting and stitching a perfect fish cut lehengas
, http://www.burdastyle.com/projects/purple-princess-lehenga-choli,
. You can also refer to designs and colour combinations on , http://www.bharatplaza.in/womens-wear/lehengas/wedding-lehengas/fish-cut-lehenga-choli-gnkh308.html, http://trendymods.com/dresses-2/fish-style-lehenga-pakistani-indian-fish-cut-lehenga.php. Do you like wearing fish cut lehengas?

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