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Ranbir Kapoor education qualification

neha513  Join Date:07 December 2012 | Delhi | India
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19 Feb 2013 05:09 PM
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 Heartthrob of millions in the country, Ranbir Kapoor, belongs to the first family of Bollywood. Son of famous actors Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor and grandson of the legend Mr Raj Kapoor, he is the only one in the family (apart from his cousin Kareena) to have attended college. 

Ranbir started his education at Bombay Scottish School in Mumbai. For two years, he studied in HR College. Later, he went to Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York. Before entering Bollywood, Ranbir studied method acting over there.

Given the fact that most of bollywood’s superstars have not been much inclined towards studies, this educational qualification of Ranbir is impressive. One is even more intrigued because he cose to study acting which he had to pursue as a career. 

Belonging to such a sound family, he did not really need to do this to launch himself. Yet, he carved this path. Kudos! After all, how many rich kids put in hard work to attain success when they have everything at their disposal already?


Re: Ranbir Kapoor education qualification

Juhee  Join Date:28 November 2012 | Dehra Dun | India
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19 Feb 2013 06:31 PM
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According to latest news, Ranbir Kapoor has been voted as the most eligible bachelor in B-Town, and has been predicted to turn out to be a very good husband. Here`s a piece on Ranbir Kapoor - 



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