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Funny short role plays

rashi946  Join Date:11 December 2012 | Gurgaon | India
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06 Feb 2013 05:43 PM
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Here is the script of a funny short play with 4-6 actors. The name of the play is ‘May Dream Can Come True’. Here’s the script:

(Cathy and Susan encounter each other on a street.)

Cathy: Hello, Susan. How are you?

Susan: I’m not doing well.

Cathy: Why not?

Susan: I’m too fat. I want to lose some weights.

Cathy: Really? But I want to become fat.

Susan: Are you crazy? Being fat is a terrible thing. Look at me. My abdomen looks like a

swimming belt. It is so ugly.

(Cathy touches Susan’s abdomen.)

Cathy: But it is tender and makes me feel content.

Susan: You’re so kind. Your words make me happy.

Cathy: I’m serious, no kidding.

Susan: God! (Touches her own forehead and sigh)

Why are you not me and I am not you?

(Susan seems to intend doing something.)

Susan: We don’t like our figures and want to change ourselves, we can work hard


Cathy: It sounds good. I can help you and you can help me. That’s wonderful. (Saying


Susan: We begin planning right away.

Cathy: Uh! Let’s go.

Scene II

(Firstly Cathy brings Susan to a famous store named Trust me.)

Servant: Welcome! Do you want to take part in our class?

Cathy: Yes! We will.

Servant: Ok!

Susan: Why do you take me here?

Cathy: I see that “Trust me, you can make it” commercial on TV. It looks great. So I want

to trust it and help you become thinner.

Susan: Oh…! Why do you also particular in?

Cathy: Because we are good friends, we should do it together. (Ha! Ha!)

(After several days)

Susan: Why? It’s no use to me, but you become much thinner. (Crying)

Cathy: I don’t want it, too. (Crying)

(The two girls are very angry to look the servant.)

Servant: It’s not my fault. (She escapes from the store.)

Scene III

(Later, Susan takes Cathy to McDonalds.)

Cathy: McDonalds?

Susan: Fast food has high calories. It is the best food to make you fat.

Clerk: May I help you?

Susan: I want to order four hamburgers, ten drumsticks, five french fries and two cokes.

Clerk: What??

Cathy: Sorry, give us a minute. (Talks to the waiter)

(Cathy pulls Susan’s arm and moves to the side.)

Cathy: I can’t eat all of them.

Susan: The food is not just for you.

Cathy: Don’t you want to be thin?

Susan: Yes.

Cathy: You can’t eat them, because they will make you fat.

Susan: But I can’t oppose the attraction.

(Cathy gives Susan a look.)

Susan: Let me think.

(Suddenly, an angel and an evil appear.)

Evil: You can eat it. Anyway, you have time to lose weight.

Angel: If you eat them now, you would do the same thing next time. You will not lose

any weight.

Evil: Listen to me. I’m right.

Angel: No, he’s wrong.

(Evil begins to fight against the angel.)

Susan: Enough! Go away! (Yells to the evil and the angel)

Cathy: Are you OK?

Susan: Uh! I decide to eat today.

Cathy: OK!

Susan: I want to order the same food that I ordered before.

Clerk: OK! Please wait a minute.

(They sit down and begin to eat.)

Cathy: Um…It’s so greasy. Do I have to eat this?

Susan: Yes, you must eat it. I can help you. (Susan takes food to stuff Cathy’s mouth.)

Poor girl!!!

Scene IV

(Angel and Evil appear again.)

Angel: Are you sure it’s good for her?

Evil: If you don’t believe me, you could see the result later.

Angel: I hope you are right.

(Several weeks later, they walk along the street.)

Susan: I’m so hungry. I want to eat.

Cathy: I’m so full. I want to vomit.

(They hug each other and cry loudly.)

Cathy: I don’t want to be fat.

Susan: I don’t want to be thin. (They say it at the same time.)

(Angel takes the evil that is rope appears.)

Angel: You use the wrong way to achieve your purposes. You need to ask a professional


Cathy and Susan: So…! (They look at each other with some special meaning, and then

catch the angel’s leg.)

Cathy and Susan: You must know some shortcut to help us.

Cathy and Susan: We won’t let you go until you help us.

Angel: Oh, god!!

(Cathy and Susan chase the angel. The evil stays there.)

Evil: What has happened? (Shrug)


Re: Funny short role plays

rashi946  Join Date:11 December 2012 | Gurgaon | India
2379 Points | 466 Forum posts | 0 Blog Posts | 0 Comments | 49 Likes Received | 0 Likes given
18 Jul 2013 04:45 PM
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Role plays are an effective method of teaching students. Teachers can use role plays to teach students table manners, etiquettes etc. Heres a sample script that you can use. This is a role play script for two people:

Waiter: Good evening! Are you ready to order,Sir?

You: Yes please! I would like to order a Chicken Sandwich.

Waiter: Ok. And what would you like to drink?

You: Orange juice, please.

Waiter: Would you like anything else?

You: No. thats all for now. Thank You.

Waiter: Ok. Your order will be ready in ten minutes.

You can find more role play scripts in https://sites.google.com/site/roleplayconversations/, http://www.icomedytv.com/Comedy-Scripts.aspx, http://www.gobookee.net/short-funny-role-play-scripts/, http://busyteacher.org/classroom_activities-speaking/roleplays/, http://www.eslprintables.com/speaking_worksheets/role_plays/Shipwrecked_A_role_play_game_362523/, http://www.kidsinco.com/2008/10/role-play-at-a-restaurant/. You can also prepare your own script based on a funny incident you have witnessed or has happened to you. Any other suggestions, anyone?

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