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Public sector employees choose to have a baby early

parul430  Join Date:29 April 2010 | India
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03 Dec 2009 01:12 AM
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People employed in public sector jobs do not face any difficulty in taking decisions on having a kid. The researchers found that the relative safety of employment in the public sector could encourage fertility, besides the "family-oriented" cultural ambiance in the private sector,

Researchers claimed that the public sector is inclined to provide an assured job to come back to, a career development more related to superiority, flexible working hours and holidays provided to take care of sick kids. Thus the decision to have a kid especially for women is related to her employment and fertility.

A Woman's decision about job and having baby is associated to morals, attitude and other factors which cannot be calculated as per surveys. On the contrary, men want babies despite their orientation towards vocation.

Another reason stated by researchers is that women are more likely to have babies when it is easier for them and when the labour market allows them full freedom to move in and out or to lessen their working hours for certain period of time. Scientists also found a strong connection between the pattern of men's careers and women's and the way it is related to their decision on having babies.


Re: Public sector employees choose to have a baby early

faxlessclick  Join Date:20 May 2010 | India
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20 May 2010 04:47 AM
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Hello! The name`s Tom, though most people call me `Freaky`. :P I`m in my "teens" and kinda lost in the world at the moment...however, I`ve found the hippie "culture" and discovered that it fits me very well...I`m not trying to fit into it, it just kind of fitted onto me. I have lots of questions, which hopefully some of the older and wiser people on this board will be able to help answer. Here`s to hoping this board will be able to help me discover more of myself and fuel my beliefs. big respect !


Re: Public sector employees choose to have a baby early

cashonline  Join Date:29 May 2010 | India
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29 May 2010 12:23 PM
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Good day! I`m new to this forum.. Hope to have nice time around here... Peace out.

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