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Walking the tightrope as a working woman

jayita  Join Date:29 April 2010
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15 Oct 2009 03:10 AM
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It is a well known fact that if you are a working woman you are always doing the tightrope walking deftly balancing your job and family life. For doing so you have to have time management skills so that you can give equal time to both your commitments. But doing so you have to face a lot of problems and in the process it takes a toll on your health. Suffering from insomnia, headaches, and nerve problems are common issues faced by many working women. So do take time out for yourself and go for some health care treatments as well as beauty treatments. This will help you to regain your lost health and beauty amidst the mundane drudgery.


Re: Walking the tightrope as a working woman

kriti  Join Date:29 April 2010
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03 Apr 2010 06:04 AM
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Thanx Jayita. that was a quite informative piece. I have just started working and I`m facing the same prob... You seem to be very much interested in such kinda articles, why don`t tou read Femina magazine? They have many articles of these types. I`ve subscribed it last month itself and now `m loving it.


Re: Walking the tightrope as a working woman

chithra.r  Join Date:17 September 2010 | India
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11 Mar 2011 10:20 AM
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