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A Blessing of Sparkling Teeth

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05 Sep 2009 07:09 AM
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Teeth is one of the most valuable assets of the human body. It is one of the most essential attributes to the appearance of an individual. It is also one of the most useful parts in the body. Care of teeth therefore should be the most important daily activities. Here are some essentials on proper care of the teeth. This will surely help one to keep the set of teeth shining white and healthy to the core.

Tips on keeping healthy teeth

• It is necessary to brush the teeth at least twice a day that are before each meal. The favorable time for brushing the teeth is during morning, before or after breakfast and during bedtime after dinner time. Proper brushing helps in breaking the plaques and one should always remember that while brushing the teeth, it is required to remember that just the front teeth is not sufficient and so take your time to brush the teeth along the sides and in the back. Always brush away from the gums. The gum area being very soft can get affected or might bleed on vigorous brushing.

• If possible, then one can also try brushing after the lunch or after having some sweet dish. It is better to spend about 3 minutes for brushing each time.

• The bristles of the tooth brush should be soft and the brush must be replaced once in three months and if gets decayed prior to that then change it as soon as possible.

• The toothpaste must contain fluoride, calcium bi carbonate and other chemicals that prove to be beneficial for the health of the teeth.

• If the teeth happen to be sensitive, then use tooth paste specially made for sensitive teeth and gums.

• Flossing the teeth is also another important way to keep the teeth healthy. Learn the way of flossing, initially it can appear strange but with practice it will become easy. Slip in the floss between each tooth upside along the gum line. The floss helps in bringing out the food particles hiding at places from where the tooth brush can’t bring them out.

• Visit the dentist twice a year and have thorough check up of the teeth for signs of cavities and other gum diseases. The dentist will also assist you by providing advices on keeping the teeth extra clean.

• Eat lots of fruits rich in vitamins and other nutrients and water. This will also help you in keeping the teeth strong and healthy.

Proper way of Brushing

• Hold the tooth brush at a 45 degree angle and and begin brushing from the gum line.
• Thoroughly brush the all the outer and the inner chewing points. Remember that each and every teeth need to be cleaned equally clean.
• Always brush the teeth in horizontal direction.

Remedies for Tooth Ache

There have been various herbs that have been used for time immortal as effective remedies to the various teeth problem, the principal one being tooth ache. Herbs such as, cloves, calendula, tarragon, yarrow are effective natural elements to relieve tooth pain. The branches of neem tree, the neem leaves and salt also happen to be effective essential to teeth problems.

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