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Please tell me whatya think

akash2  Join Date:29 April 2010
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29 Apr 2010 05:53 PM
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Iam a 26yr old professional going to be engaged soon. My fiance is a very nice person. In-laws too are basically good. Things were just sorta fixed last week. I was the first one to mail him and he replied. We chatted a few times, online he is very kind patient and friendly. Only thing is he doesn`t take the initiative, I mean, when iam online he chats well, but offline he could atleast leave me a few offline messages, I mean a line or two saying `? hi, how r u? or too busy, I`ll mail u soon or, thinking of u, something like that, doesn`t take too much time. Granted he is an IT professional and is extremely busy. My folks say he is very busy or maybe the shy type not to initiate. I don`t know if iam making a mountain of a mole hill or to read these as some warning signs. Please don`t say iam overreacting or acting juvenile.  Could anyone please tell me what they think? Thank you.


Re: Please tell me whatya think

macchindra  Join Date:14 February 2011 | India
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14 Feb 2011 02:25 PM
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Reply PlZ.

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