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akash2  Join Date:29 April 2010
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29 Apr 2010 05:53 PM
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why black hair converted into white colour? is their any deficiency?


Re: Health-

ama  Join Date:29 April 2010
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29 Apr 2010 06:01 PM
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Fresh green vegetables, some fresh fruits, whole cereals and beans well cooked, unroasted seeds, seed sprouts, and soy protein, to supply whole protein to the body. Avoid any processed food, artificial colors, stimulant food, canned foods, smoking, dairy products, meats, eggs, and fish. Avoid poultry in the beginning of the therapy. Avoid processed food that contains artificial coloring and preservatives. Special attention should be paid to avoid foods that may cause allergic reaction, tiredness, heaviness, or any other bad feelings. The amount of protein should be calculated according to the behavior of the patient. In hyperactivity, aggression, violence-yang conditions----about 0.5 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight. In hypoactivity, passive reactions, brain fatigue, depression-yin conditions-about 1.0 gram protein per kilogram of body weight. Include tofu, beans and seafood in the diet for adequate protein. Meals

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