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Travel tips for Women

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 25 Aug, 2011 LIFESTYLE  TRAVEL & DINING  

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Do you yearn to spend some time alone with your partner while traveling in a group?

There are ways to avoid being caught in a group outing every time you travel in a group. Of course there are many advantages when traveling in a group, especially if you are visiting an unfamiliar locale. Doing things usually works... more >>

Is your child travelling alone?

If your child is old enough to travel alone on a flight, then here are a few precautions you should keep in mind before putting him on a plane.Make sure that all travel arrangements are made well in advance... more >>

Tips for the woman with a child, and the woman who is going to have a child!

This article is full of lively suggestions especially for those who are traveling with toddlers, children, and pregnant woman. So whatever the age of your kids, and if you are a `mama to be` then keep reading!... more >>

Plan better and see more

Don`t let time come in the way of your sightseeing plans. Missing out on important landmarks of a country you are visiting just because you are running short of time is an unpardonable excuse. What is the point of spending moolah... more >>

Tips for family vacation

Whether you and your family choose to go to the woods, to the beach, or to a fancy resort, these tips will help you plan your trip. And be sure to keep a vacation journal! If everyone takes turns recording your daily activities... more >>

How to refurbish old luggage

How to refurbish old luggage Okay! So you are all set to leave with your friends on that much needed holiday without responsibilities - no getting tense about your kids` meals, your husband`s diet restrictions... more >>

Safety tips for business women travellers

Women now constitute a good percentage of business travellers. With women playing a leading role in many corporates, it is quite a common sight to see brisk business-like women with their executive bags striding confidently in airports... more >>

Don`t travel when...

Travel is a great teacher - provided you travel right. Don`t let your urge to globe trot get the better of your common sense - or your travel sense. If you rush in where angels fear to tread - your holiday could turn out to be a nightmare. more >>

Make the most of your holiday

All of us have been on long journeys at some point. Such journeys can be the best time for some reflection or daydreaming. But when you are accompanied by a bunch of kids, you will have to do some thinking to ensure they are kept out of harm`s way, or whining and getting in your hair.Read on for more.. more >>

Travel tips for women executives

Dark circles under your eyes aren`t good for business. So carry eye masks and earplugs.. Get a comfortable inflatable pillow to sleep soundly...more >>

Tips for women travelling alone

Preparing For Your TripPassports & Visas: Make sure your passport is still valid or apply for a new one long before you plan to travel. Make sure you have the right travel documents and visas for your destinations. more >>

Perfect packing tips

Below is a general guide to what to pack, print it out and it will be a useful checklist! more >>

Travelling with friends

Group travel with friends is definitely an enjoyable experience. As a woman, who is not too seasoned a traveller, travelling together in a group is safer and... more >>

Preying pickpockets

Be very aware, ladies. Pickpockets are experts in the art of distraction. They divert your attention for several quick seconds and in that short time they relieve you of your travel valuables. more >>

Safety tips

Whether travelling on business or for pleasure, safety should be the number one priority for women travellers. more >>

Holiday home

Here`s an alternative idea at half the cost and no hassles. Simply make your home the next vacation resort! Have a great holiday --- stay at home! more >>

Woeful traveller

Recently, we had a bunch of the big city people visit our little town.Our little town had recently made a name for itself as an activity centre for cottage industries. more >>

Travelling with children

When you take children along on a trip, it`s that much more fun, and that much more trouble. They need to be kept occupied during the journey, and their unique little needs will have to be met all through the trip. more >>


After booking the cruise, check the dress code pamphlet. Check the cruise line`s web page for dressing recommendations. more >>

Packing your bags

Preparing for a family trip requires a lot of planning. You need to decide where you`re going, where you`ll stay, and how you`ll get from one place to another. more >>

Sensible travel tips

Make copies of your travel itinerary. Place a copy inside each piece of luggage. If luggage is lost or picked up by mistake, the chances of finding it are better. more >>

When things go wrong

Indian women are more nervous now. They have family in the Gulf, but is it safe to visit them? Aren`t American and British Airways more likely to be targeted by terrorists? more >>

Don`t attract attention to yourself

Keep your voice down. To a mere whisper if possible. The louder you talk, the more you will be overheard. The difference in the way you talk, your plans to sight see, where you can eat, is a dead give away that you don`t belong there. more >>

How to pack

The bottom of the suitcase should hold all the heavy stuff. So, pack in your shoes, hair dryer, travel alarm, etc., first. more >>

Drive away your holiday

Take your favourite music along. Play it in the car. Sing along loudly. Spout poetry if you like. Scream out your thoughts. You`ll be amazed how your mind moves with you. more >>

Save 40 minutes when you fly

Try these travel tips from an industry insider and you`ll get through the airport in a flash: more >>


Tips on how to get the best of your photographer. more >>

The veggie`s guide to the galaxy

Veggies of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your meat. So, what`s a vegetarian supposed to do when she travels abroad? more >>

During and after your trip

You can never be too preprared or too careful when you are off on a special trip. Check these pointers out, be well- equipped and have a whale of a time! more >>

Packing your luggage

Packing is always cumbersome and irritating, especially when you are frequently on the move. Many have shied away from this trivial hazard, leaving it to their spouses or maids to do the job. more >>

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