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Submited by- Team Sitagita on 24 Aug, 2011 LIFESTYLE  TRAVEL & DINING  

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Are you prone to holiday headaches?

For some people it is festive season at the destination point. Some are attending family weddings. A few more are simply celebrating holiday time. Whatever be the occasion, everyone is prepared for an extra dose of family and extra responsibilities... more >>

Health tips for the foreign traveler

Sudden outbreaks of severe infectious diseases or fatal illnesses focus world attention on the traveler. More disease, discomfort and debility, occur everyday and are seldom reported and hardly noticed. Traveler`s diarrheoa... more >>

Motion sickness

One of the greatest spoilsports during a holiday out of station is motion sickness. Especially when holidaying on package tours. One has to see half a continent in seven days. more >>

A First-aid check list

A first-aid kit may add nothing to your trip but extra bulk. However, in an emergency you`ll be glad to have even the most basic medical supplies. more >>

How to face the Monsoons when you travel

When the monsoons break out, you`ve got to take some extra precautions especially if you`re on the road.Here are a few handy tips on how to prepare yourself to face the monsoons. more >>

Jet lag shrinks woman`s brains more

And I`m leaving on a jet plane...You`ve just staggered off a 12-hour flight. The clock says it`s dawn, but your body says it`s bedtime. more >>

No -Jet- Lag : The pill for jet lag

Jet lag. Sigh! Who would blame you if you went to sleep in the middle of a meeting, missed your cue shots, took a nap on the tennis courts or screwed up a multi-million dollar deal with your snores? more >>

Blistering barnacles

Here`s how to get through that four-day (or more) trek staring you in the face without a single blister. more >>

Lagging behind

It`s 6:00 a.m in New York and you feel like it is 6:00 p.m. It`s 3:00 a.m and you`re wide-awake. It`s 9:30 a.m. and you`re fast asleep. more >>

Eating out while travelling

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Which in terms of eating means, eat whatever it is the locals are eating. more >>

Healthy hints for happy travel

Here`s a little handy guide for travellers who might be leaving for strange shores. more >>

Breathing in high altitude

When you`re standing on top of the world, chances are you`re breathless. But, make sure, it`s for the right reasons. more >>

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