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Effects of Weight Loss Surgery, Weight Loss Surgery Effects, Effectiveness of Weight Loss Surgeries, Adverse Effects of Weight Loss Surgery

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 03 Oct, 2011 HEALTH  EXERCISE & FITNESS  

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As in all surgeries there are many effects of weight loss surgery as well and therefore a careful assessment should be made regarding the risk factors involved in these kinds of operations. Weight loss surgery is usually for people who weigh 100 pounds or more which means their Body Mass Index or BMI is of 40 or more. Also those persons whose weight cannot be altered through other weight loss therapies like exercises and diets undergo weight loss surgeries. There are a many complications and risks associated with this type of surgery. Depending on the type of procedures used, the effects of weight loss surgery may vary to a greater or lesser extent. In most cases, the Malabsorptive weight loss procedures bring about more weight loss as compared to the restrictive procedures. The weight loss surgery effects are one of the main aspects that are taken into consideration by doctors.

One of the positive effects of weight loss surgery is the reduction in the rate of mortality of patients. However the adverse effects of weight loss surgery have been reported to be more than the positive ones. Various studies have shown a frequency of bone loss occurring after weight loss surgery. Weight loss operations also lead to vitamin deficiencies in the patient. For the effectiveness of weight loss surgeries, surgeons always prescribe a strict diet program along with regular exercises. A combination of proper diet and exercises brings about long lasting benefits after surgery for weight loss. However those who fail to adhere to the diet and exercise program prescribe by the doctors often face adverse effects in their body after the surgery.

Some of the other effects of weight loss surgery could also be complications such as infections, leaks from staple line breakdown, dehiscence, pulmonary problems, bleeding, and various other problems. There could also be complications arising out of anesthesia and medication provided during the weight loss surgery. As the incidence of risks are higher than the benefits, most doctors use surgery as a last option for treating weight loss problem. There are an increasing number of people who face various complications due to obesity and being grossly overweight. In such cases the surgery is the last alternative left to patients. To get the best results of weight loss surgery, always choose a well reputed bariatric surgeon and strictly follow the instructions provided to you after surgery.

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