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Check Alcohol Intake, online tests for alcohol, Consequences of excess alcohol intake

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 03 Oct, 2011 HEALTH  EXERCISE & FITNESS  

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Are you concerned with your body weight? Then check alcohol intake in addition to your diet chart. Remember excess alcohol intake can be areason behind putting on excess weight.

Moderate drinkning is not harmful for most of the people. Sometimes alcohol may have certain benefits and are instrumental in reducing health problems like heart diseases. People who are above 65 can have one drink per day. People who are below 65 are advised to take maximum of two drinks per day. Some people are davised to avoid drinking totally.Children, elderly people, people suffering from certain diseases and pregnant women are advised to keep away from drinking.

Consequences of excess alcohol intake

If you have alcohol frequently then check alcohol intake which can lead to severe consequences in future. Because if you are addicted to alcohol then you may be at risk. See whether you are having more than 5 drinks at a time. Remember that if you are getting addicted then you are also increasing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Alcohols are usually rich in fats. Remember when you are enjoying your drink.you are intaking fats at the same time. Since the alcohols have high percentage of fats hence people who have alcohols regularly put on excess weight. If you put on excess weight then you will face multiple problems.

Regular check up of alcohol intake is necessary since sometimes they may give rise to severe health problems. People who intake regularly often face problems of liver. Cancer and pancreatitis are most common among people who are addicted. Heart diseases are not uncommon with this problem. So check your alcohol intake at definite intervals.

Remember alcohols not only have a negative effect on your health but also affects your social life. You may create or face problems in home as well as friend circle.

So if you check alcohol intake regularly then you can avoid much of the problems. You can consult a physician if you are becoming addicted. Certain agencies are offering online tests for alcohol. All you have to do is to answer a few questions on basis of which they will give you an idea of the percentage of alcohol intake. But dont forget to check the authenticity of these online agencies since sometimes they may not give you the correct measurement.

You yourself can check alcohol intake if you are careful about certain facts. See how frequently you are drinking. Whether your drinking habit affecting you in any way. If the answer to all these questions are positive then you should take medical help without wasting time. A regular check on alcohol intake will help you to keep away many problems.

Log on to weightlosingprogram.com for more information on weight loss.

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