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SMS Messages

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 21 Oct, 2011 CAREER  WORKING WOMEN  

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SMS messages (or text messages as people generally call them) is one of the most popular means of communicating with one another across the globe. We all no longer use letters to exchange information with our family and friends. And with schedules extremely busy the whole day, not many of us write long emails to our near and dear ones, nor do we carry our laptop all the way with us. But yes, we all definitely carry our mobile phones with us wherever we go and whatever we may do.

Owing to this reason, SMS messages today have become the sole means of communicating with family members and friends who are far away from us. SMS messages have gained so much importance today that even people from the professional world have started using it to communicate official pieces of information with colleagues located at different locations and countries across the globe. The SMS messages work in a similar fashion as the paging service; however, there is one big difference between the two. Unlike the paging service, an SMS message can be received by the receiver even if the receiver’s mobile phone is switched off or is out of the coverage area.

You can use any of the available service providers in your country to send and receive SMS messages from anywhere and everywhere. SMS messages can be sent between two mobile phones, from Internet to a mobile phone, from mobile phone to somebody’s email account and through some Web-based applications and instant messaging programs. The SMS messages can be of many kinds. Although in SMSes, text messages are the most common of all types, other types of SMS messages include ringtones operator logos, ringtones, or other multimedia stuff that you would want to share with somebody.

Using SMS messages, you can serve many purposes. You can send an SMS message to your family members to meet up for some get-together. You can send an SMS message to your distant friends to let them know that you remember them.  You can send an SMS message to prospective clients or customers with your new range of products and services. You can let your customers know about the latest discounts and offers that you are offering at your retail store and other services. And many more things! Therefore, through SMS messages you can reach out to anybody and everybody in no time.

 Depending on your comfort level with the receiver of your SMS message and the time that you have in hand, your SMS message can be anything from a very lengthy one to a one-liner as well. Sometimes, if you are sending it to your close friends, you try writing maximum information with minimum usage of letters and give all possible short forms for words. Words such as “please” become “plz”, “thanks” become “thnx”, etc. however, this may not be a good practice to follow in case you are sending SMS messages to your bosses or elders in the house.

An SMS messages comes very handy in all situations because of the ease with which it makes you connect to everybody located at any place in the world whenever you want to share some piece of information quickly. They also help you when you want to share some piece of news urgently with somebody, but you are caught up in a seminar or a meeting at office. No other thing other than an SMS messages comes to your rescue in such situations. Right? 

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