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Ways to Overcome Jealousy

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 31 Oct, 2011 CAREER  WORKING WOMEN  

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Ways to Overcome Jealousy

Jealousy is basically resenting other`s success and is seeded by comparisons. Most of us have experienced this feeling due to many reasons and have easily passed that without any harm. However, when this feeling takes over other emotions, it can destroy your relationships. This is a natural feeling that is experienced at all stages of life, the only thing change is the reasons for which you feel jealous. When you were a kid, you might be jealous of the friends who used to talk with your best friend and now when you`re big enough job or other luxuries of life could be reasons of jealousy.

It is a common phenomenon, and it`s good unless and until its affecting your relationships. Jealousy in relationships shows your concern for others, but if it surpasses everything, it could be dangerous. If you`re jealous in a healthy way, it`s good, but if it is in another sense, it would lead only to difficult situations. Well, we all are humans and feel jealous one time or the other, here are some ways to overcome this feeling:

Don`t compare: Comparisons give birth to jealousy, and we often compare ourselves with our friends, colleagues, and others for various things. Most of the times we compare ourselves with friends who have a job that you dreamed of or for someone else having a car that was your fantasy. These comparisons are what lead to dramatic situations. The nature of comparing yourself with others could be devastating in many ways as whatever you do, someone certainly be there who would be better than you. So stop comparing yourself and learn to be happy with whatever you have.

Love yourself:
Love yourself as it will definitely reduce the feeling of jealousy. While loving yourself and doing things for your own sake would not let you think about others. You will be happy with your possessions and relationships as you respect them and take care of them in a better way.

Deal with insecurities: Your insecurities such as losing your partner, losing your job, or other possessions develops a feeling of jealousy. Tackle your insecurities and believe in yourself. Thinking that you`re worth being chosen by your partner or by your organization enhances your confidence. However, these insecurities will not go away overnight you need to work upon them.

Learn from the past: Your past mistakes can always help you learn. Make sure that you don`t repeat your past mistakes that have broken your relationships or harmed you in many other ways. Make sure you`ll work on those mistakes for a bright future.

Take support from your family and friends:
Emotional support can certainly help you in overcoming the feeling of jealousy. Talk with your partner or friends about how you feel as it could drain out your bad thoughts. Their valuable support will certainly prove helpful.

Find your strength:
The best way to divert your attention from your insecurities is to focus on your unique qualities and enhancing them. Set goals for your life and work towards them.



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