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How to Arrange a Kitty Party?

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 26 Oct, 2011 CAREER  WORKING WOMEN  

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The life of women is really tough as they have to manage a lot of things. Housewives are mostly engaged with their household work and family responsibilities while working women juggle between their career and family. Women hardly get time for their own recreation and enjoyment. Kitty party is a great way of meeting with friends and spending some quality time away from their daily routine. Arranging a kitty party at home or at any other place can prove fun and entertaining. It`s a great way to be with your friends and relive the memorable moments of your college or school. Invite your friends this weekend and arrange a remarkable kitty party. Read the understated tips to make the party even more special:

  • Prepare a list of friends and invite them all at least a week before. To avoid any confusion provide every single information such as venue, timings, etc. in advance.
  • Decide the menu as food is the major attraction of any party. You can prepare some easy dishes or order food from a good restaurant.
  • Plan some indoor games that add to your excitement. Enjoy while playing those old games that you used to play during your school or college days. You can also give prizes to winners.
  • You can give a theme to your party that will make it unique and interesting. Decorate the venue accordingly and ask your friends to dress up in a way that it suits the theme. Choose a theme that can connect you all.
  • Always arrange kitty parties, specially at home, when you`re alone so that you can stay away from that routine work. Keep yourself free that day and just enjoy the moment.
  • Make sure that everything is arranged properly such as dinning table and couch.
  • Make your kitty party special by presenting gifts to each of your friend.
  • Camera is the most essential thing as it helps you in clicking those special moments close to your heart.

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