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Get the Perfect Pout!

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 30 Sep, 2011 HEALTH  WOMENS & KIDS HEALTH  

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Get the Perfect Pout!

Get the Perfect Pout!
Remember Mumtaz’s perfect pout? Are you envious of those who have it? In search of the elusive pout? No we are not talking about lip plumping solutions…we bring you the natural and easy way pout…ooops! Out…

Did you know that exercise can actually work wonders on your lips, giving you a perfect pout? Here’s the anytime magic mantra…
Keep your lips together
Do not clench the teeth
Place the tip of the index finger in between the lips
Press your lips hard, to compress the finger
Pull out your finger slowly
Continue, either by imagining your finger is between your lips or place your finger between your lips.
Repeat 20 times
Done daily, this exercise is known to plump up thin lips.
Try it pout….

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