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Submited by- Team Sitagita on 11 Oct, 2011 BEAUTY & FASHION  SKIN CARE & BEAUTY TIPS  

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Pooja Arya’s collection was aptly titled “ guzel” – the Turkish word for “beautiful”. It showed a heady mix of Turkish and Indian styles. She was inspired by the richness of Turkish embroidery on carpets and wall hangings, and has used this as her base for block printing.The collection exhibited had delicate Turkish embroidery on skirt hemlines and the yokes of gowns or dresses.

Ivory cotton fabrics were embroidered or printed with large, black flowers and truly stood out. Dresses with flounced skirts were also a favorite and I think these baby doll dresses will be a great hit with the young and trendy. Her colors ranged from turquoise blue, aqua and ocean to ivory, ecru, cream and of course, black!

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