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Smoky and Emerald

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 07 Oct, 2011 BEAUTY & FASHION  SKIN CARE & BEAUTY TIPS  

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Smoky and Emerald

Smoky eyes are hot season after season. But you can give a new twist to the old look by creating the look with a coloured shadow rather than black and grey. Instead of a smoldering look, try the soft smoky look that complements most women. Try it with a combination of shimmering olive, emerald and bronze.

To get soft smoky gaze with your, try this technique.

  1. Apply the bronze eye shadow all over your lid till the brow bone.
  2. Take the olive hue and dab over the crease and the outer corner of your eyes. Blend well.
  3. Apply the emerald hue and apply close to the lashes from inner corner to the outer corner.
  4. Use a wet brush to draw a line with the same hue on your lower lash.
  5. Smudge the line to blend with the other hues.
  6. Finally outline the eyes with an olive or emerald liner.

Groom brows and use a dark brown mascara to do up your lashes.

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