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Angioma, cerebral cavernous malformation , CCM, cavernous haemangioma, cavernoma, Syptoms and Treatment of Angioma

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Angioma is a harmless tumor that is comprised of numerous tiny blood vessels. This normally come out on or close to the skin`s surface and may occur on any part of the body. An Angioma may itself not be dangerous but can lead to another more severe liver problem like cirrhosis. Angiomas are usually taken out for making the skin free from any spots or flaws.

Types of Angioma

Cherry Angioma

Cherry hemangioma or cherry angioma is comprised of papules that are cherry red colored appearing on the skin and containing an unusual growth of blood vessels. Also known as Campbell de Morgan spots or senile angiomas, the Cherry angiomas are the most common type of Angioma. Cherry angiomas appear on the skin more often with the more aging of the skin. Cherry angiomas appear in clusters comprising small blood capillaries on the skin and form a papule on the skin that can be of any color varying from dark red to light purple. The thickness of these angiomas increases with their gradual growth and they take the form of a papule. Several angiomas appearing close to each other are collectively called polypoid angioma. Being very close to the surface of the skin, these types of angiomas bleed abundantly in case of any injury. People in their middle ages often suffer from the Cherry angiomas that appear on their skins just without any cause. In rare cases internal malignancies may lead to these types of skin problems. Exposure to 2-butyxyethanol or mustard gas may also cause Cherry angiomas. Cherry angiomas are not normally removed and on the rare cases these are removed by electrosurgery or cryosurgery. Treatment with pulse dye laser is also presently being used for removing cherry angiomas.

Spider Angioma

Spider Angioma appears just under the surface of the skin often found as a red spot with reddish elongations extending outwards similar to that of the web of a spider. Appearing as skin problems in young kids and healthy adults, Spider Angiomas are found mostly on neck, face, and upper portion of the arms and the torso. These can also appear on the back of the fingers and hands of young kids. Spider Angiomas generally appear due to the problems in the liver and pregnant women or females who use hormonal contraception may also suffer from Spider Angiomas. Major hepatic diseases may also lead to Spider Angiomas. These types of Angioma do not normally show any symptom and disappear on their own. Often applicable for the kids, these Angiomas may take years to be resolved. Spider Angiomas that are related to pregnancy generally disappear after accouchement. Women who take contraceptives can get rid of angiomas if they stop taking contraceptives. Improvement of liver function or a liver transplant can cure the Spider Angiomas that are related with the diseases of liver. Spider Angiomas that appear on the face can be cured with the techniques like laser treatment and electrodesiccation.
Another type of Angioma, which is also called cavernous haemangioma or cerebral cavernous malformation or cavernoma, is a disorder occurring in the blood vessels of the central nervous system that can occur from time to time.
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