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Acne, About Acne, Symptoms and Treatment of Acne, Prevention of Acne

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 15 May, 2011 BEAUTY & FASHION  SKIN CARE & BEAUTY TIPS  

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Acne- one of the major skin problems of the persons with oily skin. It occurs from the disorder of inflammation of the glands like sebaceous. Acne not only appears in face but it also forms on other parts of the body. Generally the eruptions from acne are mild. But sometimes you can also face severe eruptions from acne. Of the common acnes people suffered from chloracne, coal- tar acne and oil acne.

Care and Treatments of Acne.

As prevention is better than cure- if proper care is taken in time and on regular basis acne can be avoided. The steps such as cleansing and applying correct medicines help to remove acne. For a face free of acne always keep your face clean. The very step is to wash and apply face cleansers in the morning. Do not forget to clean your face regularly. As overnight secretions of oil result in the formation of acne. Make your face free of oil.
If you want to make treatments of your acne with homemade beauty products you can use the leaves of neem with sandalwood. Take out the juice of the neem leaves. Mix it with paste of sandalwood. Apply a bit of camphor. Make a paste. Apply it gently on your acne. Before using the paste always clean the area. Keep the paste till is dried up. Remove the paste very gently with rose water or fresh water. Apply the methods once a day till your face is free of acne.
If your face have already acne you must always opt for the right cleanser for acne. Before buying cleansers always check that the cleanser contains the terms- non- allergic and oil- free. If needed opt for the medicated cleansers fore removing acne. While washing your face never scrub it. Do not scrub the area of acne. Always clean it gently. Always wash the acne with your bare hands. You must be careful about not to use any type of clothes for cleansing acne. After cleansing the acne area with cleanser apply fresh water to wash the region. After washing with fresh water dry the skin by patting with a soft towel. Be sure that your towel is clean. The towel that you are using for your acne keep separately. After cleansing apply the medicines for acne.

Coal- Tar Acne

If you are suffering from the problems such as blackheads, eruptions of skin you must be aware of acne. As these are the major symptoms of acne. Specially acne forms of face. As secretion of excessive oils leads to the closing of pores and gives birth to the problems like acne. Coal- tar acne also caused by extreme use of products that have their base on coal- tar. Exposure of lights and the ultraviolet rays are also among soles causes of the Coal- tar acne.


Among the vital symptoms of Chloracne are the appearance of the skin problems such as cysts, whiteheads and blackheads. There are several treatments to get rid of the Chloracne. If care is taken in proper time you can avoid the problem of Chloracne.
Oil Acne

Of all the types of acnes this oil acne is the most dangerous. It often leads to severa diseases like cancer. However, in present day world the risk of oil acne has been reduced.
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