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Submited by- Team Sitagita on 15 May, 2011 BEAUTY & FASHION  SKIN CARE & BEAUTY TIPS  

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Though beauty and beauty products have been the property of women for long, now with the changing time, men have become beauty conscious. As we all know the first thing that a person notices is the face. Hence, proper care and concern is needed for men too. Skin is the most sensitive and soft part of body. If proper care of skin is not taken, skin tends to dry and become scratchy. Male skin becomes dry and rough easily as it is more exposed to dirt and pollution. Check out the basic beauty tips for men given below to keep your skin dirt free and soft.
Basic beauty tips for men:
Tips to keep your face clean: Wash the face when ever you get chance. That helps in keeping away from dust. As the skin pores of men are larger than women, faces of men get dirtier more. So, wash with deep cleansing lotion every day to get a soft, healthy and clear skin.
Apart from cleansing products, scrap your face twice a week. It helps to remove dead cells and make the skin surface smooth. Mix some natural products such as nuts and seeds to rub on the skin to moisturize it the natural way.
Tips to keep the face skin toned: As men attract more dust and dirt than the fairer sex, men need to be extra conscious to keep their skin toned and firm. Toning helps to keep the skin clean and retain elasticity.
Not only moisturizing and cleaning the face, the most common problem faced by men are blemishes and cuts during shaving. Itching is another common problem for men who are prone to dry and uneven skin type. While shaving, maintain that you have a sharp and clean razor and blade.
Men, as they stay out of home for most of the time must adapt the habit of using sunscreen. This helps in building a shield against the ultra violet rays of the sun. Opt for a sunscreen lotion with SPF 15.
In the modern age, men are very much in to dressing. For the men of today who love to dress up and deck themselves, the following tips can be very useful:
Use white pressed powder or foundation to bring out the skin tone
Men can use a thin line of kohl also. But those who have beard or moustache should out go for kohl as it looks odd.
Tattoo painting or body painting is the latest trend among men. To be the attraction of all eyes, you can go for an innovative pattern or design.
Treat your skin properly with good products to avoid blemishes and rashes.
As guys are more prone to pimples, take care to have a healthy and clear skin. Eat healthy and stay fit as a healthy body reflects the freshness on the face itself.

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