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Sitagita Women's News :: Lowering Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 04 Jul, 2011 HEALTH  WOMENS & KIDS HEALTH  

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Sitagita Women's News :: Lowering Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

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Research indicates that sudden infant death syndrome can be lowered by leaving the fan on in the baby’s room. Fans circulate air, and this thereby reduces the risk of rebreathing the exhaled carbon dioxide. Taking in of exhaled carbon dioxide seems to a major reason for SIDS along with other factors like having baby sleep on the stomach, in a soft bed or even without a pacifier. Putting babies on their backs definitely lowers the risk of SIDS.


During winter, parents are advised to avoid overheating the baby’s room, for heat is another reason attributed to SIDS. Fans do not cool the room; they just circulate the air in the room and this is healthy for the baby. If the room does not have a ceiling fan, adults should make doubly sure that babies cannot touch the table fan or pedestal fan and neither can pets knock them down.

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