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Sitagita Women's News :: Music and Cholesterol

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 04 Jul, 2011 HEALTH  WOMENS & KIDS HEALTH  

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Sitagita Women's News :: Music and Cholesterol

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Doctors are not prescribing medicines but are prescribing tunes to their patients. By listening to these prescribed tunes, patients are able to lower their cholesterol levels and regain their health. If a patient listens to his favourite music for more than 30 minutes a day, then not only do they de-stress and relax, but also become healthy because the blood vessels expand and clear. Doctors in America and Britain have welcomed the new therapy, as have patients.


Research has also shown that the songs sung by Madonna and Red Hot Chilli Peppers can do wonders for endurance; symphonies on the other hand can improve mental focus. Stressful music could shrink blood vessels by 6%. Good music is capable of changing a person`s mood and athletic performance also. This research shows that what we sometimes take for granted has such a tremendous impact on us.


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