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Indian Weddings

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Introduction to Wedding

The occasion of wedding being one of the most auspicious ceremonies in a person`s life is known to be followed in adherence to traditions and customs which signify the aspect of wedding in a person`s life. The aspect of wedding in India is known to date back thousand years or more when wedding used to be more of a traditional function.

One of the prominent factors in the function of wedding is the significance of the Saat Pheras which mean the vows taken during the 7 rounds the bride and the groom take around the religious fire. These Saat Pheras signify the togetherness of the bride and the groom for the next 7 lives. Wedding in India signifies the various traditions followed in the Punjabi weddings, Bengali weddings, Maharashtrian weddings, and South Indian weddings.
The various trends of Wedding

The various trends of Wedding in India have come a long way from traditional wedding occasions to the modern wedding trends presently. Nowadays the influence of fashion and Bollywood has made itself felt in the aspect of Indian wedding. Despite the various trends of modernism and glamorization the role of religion and customs remain the same in the realm of Indian wedding.

The importance of Sindoor and Mangal Sutra for a woman still remains the same that it indicates the aspect of protection of her husband. The wedding ceremonies despite various modern trends like wedding in hotel banquet halls and beach weddings, has still retained the tradition remains incomplete.

The Important Traditions in Indian Wedding

Despite innumerable alterations the existence of the traditions and customs in the Indian wedding ceremonies signify the fact that Indian wedding has not lost its roots. Traditions like Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet, Saat Phere, Mangal Sutra, Kanya Daan, Sindoor Daan and exchange of Varmala are known to be integral parts of Indian wedding traditions.

The Christian wedding ceremonies in India focus on being a very calm and poised occasion as the marriages take place in the churches and the church is decorated with pristine white flowers. The beach weddings in Goa are especially meant for the Christian weddings. The classy yet elegant wedding gowns offer the touch of completion for the bride.

The Muslim weddings are mostly known by the term of Nikah and the wedding attire worn by the girl in the wedding is known as Sharara. The specific traditions in Muslim wedding are Istikhara and Imam-Zamin, Mangni and Manjha.

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