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Mehendi, Mehendi Celebration, Mehendi ritual

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 04 Apr, 2011 RELATIONSHIPS  WEDDINGS  

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Mehendi Celebration is one of the important Unique Wedding Services that are performed in an Indian wedding ceremony. In fact, Mehendi is that part of the whole of the wedding ceremony, that associates with it much of fun, teasing, jokingly passing light lewd remarks. The custom of Mehendi as one of the Hindu wedding rituals is no more a mere small part of the whole marriage ceremony. Rather, nowadays, Mehendi is celebrated with much of enthusiasm and joyous mood. This has become even more elaborate than it was earlier.

Mehendi is a Wedding ritual that is common in almost all the areas in India. The manner of celebrating this part of the marriage occasion may not be the same in all those areas since the people of the respective areas perform their marriage rituals in their own way. It is also to be noted that the style of the celebration of this ritual depends very much on the economic as well as social status of the bride party. The Mehendi celebration is mainly performed by the bride`s family.

The principal part of the occasion of Mehendi is to apply henna designs on the hands and the feet of the bride. But the friends of the bride or her close relatives paint her hands and feet with beautiful and intricate designs that add to the beauty of the appearance of the bride. Different wedding songs are sung during the time of applying Mehendi. A very crisp and light mood prevails during the Mehendi celebration. It is believed that deeper and darker stains of the henna or Mehendi indicates that the would be mother- in- law of the bride will be very loving, caring and affectionate to her. The Mehendi ritual signifies the strength of love. Therefore the bride tries to retain the Mehendi stains as long as possible.

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